Will 2016 Be Different? Marketing Goals & Resolutions to Yourself!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably made New Year’s resolutions in the past on January 1st or 2nd, only to find yourself giving up on those resolutions before the end of the 1st month.  Obviously, you can’t grow a business based on that type of resolutions!

But setting goals, whether for business growth or personal growth, is something different.  First of all, hopefully you have already started (or even finished) writing out your goals for the new year.  And hopefully you’ve considered those goals carefully, not just deciding in a moment of enthusiasm that you want to stop a bad habit or accomplish some challenge.

Secondly, it always helps to break down large goals into smaller chunks, with a series of action steps laid out.  That way it is easy to actually get started on the implementation of a goal by taking the first action step.  Even if that first step is something simple, actually taking action helps you to solidify your commitment to that goal and to taking ongoing action to achieve it.

There are also some “mindset” techniques I’ve learned over the years that can help to keep me on track with working toward a goal.  Often a mindset problem is preventing me from already achieving that goal, so working on my mindset — in addition to scheduling and tracking action steps — can be a powerful combination.

Some of these ideas come from the accelerated learning movement, while others are based in NLP or neuro linguistic programming.  Here are some ideas to help you activate a more energized mindset around the goals you have set for yourself for 2016new_year_goals

  • Remind yourself frequently of the goals you set.
  • Speak your goals out loud — or, better yet, sing them out loud.
  • Music, rhyming, and rhythm can all help to get your subconscious brain involved.
  • Physical movement can help too, like dancing or some other movements while speaking/singing your goals.
  • Visual images can also connect more deeply with your subconscious brain than words alone.

After an energizing session of speaking, singing, dancing, and other sensory play with your goals, try wrapping up with a few minutes of silent meditation or visualization, giving your brain time to process and store the ideas you have just reinforced.

One of the ways I like to tie all this together is by creating a personal slideshow video with my goals (or with affirmations).  Below is a sample of a video made from a looping slideshow.

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