What’s Your Plan for 2012?

2012 Sales and Marketing Plan
Planning for Success in 2012

Have you written your sales and marketing plan for the next year?

Whether you own a business or you work for someone else, it’s important to write out your plan.

How do presentations fit into your 2012 plan?  And what are your goals for improving your presentations?

If you give sales presentations, write down how many appointments you want to schedule for each month or each week.  If you’re doing marketing, write down your goals for increasing the number of prospects or leads you generate from each presentation.

If you provide training, think about what improvements you’d like to see on your evaluation forms or improvements in the end results of your training, such as error reduction on the job or higher utilization of the program you teach people to use or fewer call center complaints in client service.

Now think about what changes you can make to your presentations in order to achieve the goals you’ve identified.  How will you increase conversions in your sales presentations or improve learning outcomes from your training presentations?

Do you already know what to do and just need to set a plan in place for applying the knowledge?  Do you need an accountability partner to hold you to your commitment?  Or do you need to learn some new skills and techniques or get guidance and a fresh perspective from someone else?

Typically, your sales and marketing plan should include goals for your own skill development.  Write down the areas where you know you need to improve and then commit to investing in yourself by registering for a class or signing up for coaching.

Plan your work, then work your plan, and course-correct along the way.

Share a comment below about your plans for making 2012 a success!

Happy New Year!

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