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Today is Worship of Tools Day

According to the website HolidayInsights.com, March 11th is “Worship of Tools Day.”  Here is what they say about the day:

There are few things that the male population worships more than his tools. To some, a tool is a natural extension of their arm. So, Worship of Tools Day is a logical day of celebration. And, it’s definitely a guy thing. Please note however, there are more than a few ladies who love to work with their hands, and find today to be an important holiday.

I do enjoy a stroll through the hardware and tool aisles at my local hardware store. My father taught me some basic woodworking skills at a young age. I, of course, wanted to be like him and, since he had no sons to share that knowledge with, he didn’t mind me hanging around with him while he puttered in the garage on various projects.

Thanks to my father, I’ve never hesitated to pick up a tool and figure out what I needed to do — anything from hanging a picture or hanging planters on the back porch to designing and building my own bookcase (when I was much younger and had a lot more free time!)

A wide variety of tools

A wide variety of tools

But today’s holiday actually made me think more about business tools. So in the spirit of “Worship of Tools Day,” here are 5 of my favorite tools:

#1 on my list would have to be PowerPoint! Over the years, I’ve learned how to use this much-maligned tool for so much more than boring bullet-point slides. For example, PowerPoint is usually my first choice for graphics editing, as well as recording initial content for videos. It’s really a powerful tool once you know all the things it can do!

My #2 favorite tool is Camtasia Studio. This is another software program that I use almost every day for a variety of tasks, including recording and editing my own videos and videos for clients. I tend to use Camtasia like an online video recorder, capturing webinars that I watch — it’s much easier than taking notes!  I also use Camtasia to record and edit audio tracks.  It’s not the best tool for that, but it is one with which I’m very familiar and that it worth a lot in terms of my productivity.

#3 on my list is HootSuite. I use the free version of HootSuite to manage a lot of my social media sharing on Twitter and Facebook (both my personal profile and my business page, https://www.Facebook.com/PowerPointQueenRules). I schedule various posts to share, such as quote graphics and links to my blog posts, videos, slideshows, and article. While that content posts automatically on schedule, I’m free to pop in a few times during the day to interact with friends, clients, and followers.

image of old televisions

What are your favorite tools?

The #4 tool for me lately is PowToon.

I’ve been working with this web-based animated video program quite a bit lately, honing my skills. After upgrading to a professional account, I figured I better start making more use of it to get my money’s worth! You can get started (like I did) with a free account. You’ll find some good training videos to get you started, as well as lots of 3rd party tutorial videos on YouTube.

#5, my final tool for this blog post, is actually several tools: my Lexar USB drives, sometimes referred to as thumb drives or flash drives or memory sticks. It never ceases to amaze me how much I can store on these tiny drives! The ones I currently have include a 2GB, an 8GB, and a 16GB. Lexar also makes a 32GB and a 64GB.

For someone who started her computer usage on a Wang word processor that had about 600 MB in hard drive space and used 8″ floppy diskettes for document storage, the data storage capabilities of our modern tools are truly wondrous!  (Yes, I said 8″ floppy diskette — not 3-1/2″ or 5″)

But these Lexar drives have a couple of other features I really love:  First of all, they swing shut with a hinge so there is no cap to lose and no sliding mechanism to break or get stuck.  The manufacturer also made a very smart decision to color-code the different sizes, so the 2GB drive is red, the 8GB is black, and the 16GB is silver, etc. I’m a big fan of color-coding as an easy way to differentiate similar things. In this case, it helps me keep track of certain types of files that I store on the different drives, categorized by the colors of the drives.

Looping back to the beginning of this post, my hands-down favorite hardware tool is the electric drill I got back in the early 70s, paid for with S&H Green Stamps! It still works perfectly well, thousands of holes later!

What are you favorite tools? Please share a comment about your favorite hardware, software, or other tools.

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