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3 Types of Videos You Should Be Creating for Your Business  –  May 18 at 9pm Eastern Daylight Time

In this free webinar, you will learn 3 different types of videos and why each of them is important to your business growth.
Then we’ll look at how to choose one of those types to focus on first for your situation.
Finally, there will be a demo of a quick and simple way to create original videos in one of those categories.

Attendees will receive a free Video Tools Checklist to download during the live webinar.

Register here:  https://app.webinarjeo.com/node/webinar/view/22683-the-3-types-of-videos-you-should-be-creating-for-your-business


Should You Write a Book to Build Your Authority?  –  June 17 at 11am Eastern Daylight Time
Creative Marketing TV Interview with Diana M. Needham, the Book Shepherd



Getting the Most Out of Networking at Live Events:
Creative Marketing TV Interview with Leslie Cardinal

Leslie shared 7 powerful tips for effective networking and follow-up.  Click above to
view the recording on YouTube and download her free tip sheet.

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