Visual Content Creation: Quote Graphics Challenge

logo-imageMy new Facebook group — “Visual Content Galleria” — is just beginning to grow, but look out!  We’re expecting visitors and new members for our upcoming 5-Day Quote Graphics Challenge.

Quote Graphics are one of the easiest ways to create your own visual content.  There are lots of easy and free tools and I’ll introduce you to some of them next week during the challenge.

Of course, you can still continue to share other people’s quote graphics.  But there are some definite reasons to create your own:

  1. You can select the best quotes that relate to important topics or messages in your niche or specifically in your business.
  2. You can brand your Quote Graphics with your brand colors and put your name or your business name in small type on the bottom or side.
  3. You can even create an overlay that includes colored lines or filters over the image, in addition to your name, for a very stylish branded look.
  4. And with your own designs, you can repurpose the Quote Graphics in a variety of ways.

I’ll be talking about and demonstrating how to repurpose your visual content creations in my monthly training hangout on March 5th on Creative Marketing TV.  You’ll see how I start with quote graphics or tip graphics that I’ve created in PowerPoint or Canva.  Then I turn a series of them into a slideshow or a video series.  I’ll even show you how to turn them into a visual e-book right in PowerPoint or in Canva.

If you complete the quote graphics challenge, you’ll have some custom quote graphics all ready to use in those repurposing projects!

To register for the 5-Day Quote Graphics Challenge, just go to my Facebook page — PowerPoint Queen Rules — and click on the Event post pinned to the top of the page.  You’ll find the registration link there.  I hope to see you in the group!




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