Video Storytelling: My 30-Day Challenge

I create a lot of videos, but I am usually working on screen capture videos or PowerPoint videos or some type of animated video.  I love creating and editing that type of video, but was feeling like I should probably do more on-camera videos as well.

So I started a new challenge for the month of June: I’m participating in Lou Bortone’s and Felicia Slattery’s 30-Day Video Challenge where the focus is on video storytelling. Since I don’t do a lot of “on camera” video, I thought this would be a good learning stretch for me.

I’ve been experimenting with different ways of recording my on-camera videos, trying to find the easiest method that still produces good quality.  My Logitech C920 webcam is certainly the easiest to use and has good video quality.  But I’m not completely happy with the audio quality for either the mic built into the C920 webcam or my Blue Snowflake mic.

I find the audio quality a little better when I use my iPhone 5, although not as good as it would be, I know, with an add-on external mic.  Plus setting up a tripod, finding a good location for the video I want to shoot, and making sure I am properly framed in the camera — that all takes more time than sitting down in front of the webcam.

Meanwhile the biggest lesson I’ve been learning is that my schedule is too over-committed to sign up for a daily challenge!  I’m sure I will finish uploading my 30 on-camera videos. but it certainly won’t be by the end of June!  I’ve gathered the videos in a playlist on my personal YouTube channel, which you can get to from here:

What about you?  Do you make videos on a regular basis for your business?  Do you like being on camera or do you hate to see how you look on video?  Leave a comment – thanks!


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