Video Marketing: An Abecedary

Do you remember the ABC song from your childhood?  Or perhaps from teaching it to your children or grandchildren?

It may seem like a simple thing, but learning the alphabet is important not only for getting ready to learn how to read, but also for other skills needed as you grow up – like being able to alphabetize things or searching for a name in an alphabetical list.

Singing the alphabet makes it easier to memorize and so does the rhyming.  Each of the 6 lines of the song ends in a long “ee” sound.

Pictures also help with learning and memory.  When children first start learning about letters and sounds, the adults around them usually read them ABC picture books.  They might enjoy the animals in ABC format or the ABCs of transportation with pictures of airplanes, boats, cars, fire engines, and so on.

Visual images aren’t just helpful for kids.  Research shows that adults remember the message from presentation slides much better when they have large, eye-catching images.  The same is true for video.  You want to make sure your videos contain more pictures and less text.

In medieval Europe when most people could not read, “abecedaria” were often carved in stone on the church walls.  An abecedarium, the Latin equivalent of an ABC book, was used by priests to teach their parishioners the alphabet.  Most church members couldn’t read, but they could learn the alphabet using pictures, rhymes, and stories from the Bible.  That moral focus continued in ABC books of later centuries as well.

Video is essentially a visual medium, as the word implies.  The word video comes from the Latin videre, meaning “to see.”  But video is more than visual images, combining a verbal message (either spoken or written words), visual images or pictures, and movement.  Don’t forget that movies were originally known as moving pictures!

This unique combination of 3 different modes of sensory input — verbal, visual, and movement — is one reason for video’s extreme popularity on the internet.

In this month’s blog series, “Video Marketing: An Abecedary,”  I’ll be telling you about some other reasons why you really should be using video right now to grow your business and I’ll also share a lot of information about how you can do that easily and affordably.

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Video has become the most popular form of content on the internet and I’ll help you learn new ways you can take advantage of video’s popularity.  Are you ready to learn the ABCs of video marketing?

Meanwhile, if you have a favorite ABC book or song or poem, please share it with me in the comments.

I’m also very curious about how the alphabet is taught in other countries.  Even in England, where the final letter is pronounced zed instead of zee, that would clearly change the alphabet song.  If you have any insights about this, please leave a comment below.

2 Responses to “Video Marketing: An Abecedary”

  1. jina mchugo says:

    Susan: Wow, a new word! Thanks for your comment on my blog post ( ). I am certainly an abecedarian of French at this point! Good luck with the UBC, Jina

  2. Paul Taubman says:

    The first thing I did when I came to the site was look up the word, “Abecedary” – Wow! I had no idea that word existed! Thanks for sharing that!

    Love the idea of using video as a post. And the lesson taught was spot on! You pack a lot of punch in this one post!

    Again, Thanks!