Tuesday Tool Time: New Templates for Prezi

Prezi's new marketing focusI’ve always been bothered by Prezi’s marketing focus on “zooming.”  So what if Prezi zooms?  How does that make a presentation better?

I’m happy to say their new marketing video (below) does a good job of starting to bring the focus back to the message of a presentation, not just the visual tricks that make Prezi so different from PowerPoint and Keynote.

They also have some new templates with business-oriented themes with metaphors that can help to present your message in a creative way that will engage your audience.

Metaphors are a great tools for adding visuals and a hint of story to your presentations. Prezi’s new metaphor templates include: The Road Ahead, Steps of a Project, Let your ideas flower, and many others.

Here’s a quick example that I created with their iceberg template:


Check out the short video at http://Prezi.com  It might inspire you to try Prezi, if you haven’t already done so.

Click here to get started with your free Prezi account.  I look forward to seeing what you create!

If you already use Prezi, leave a comment for me about your experience and what you like and don’t like about Prezi.

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