Tuesday Tool Time: 13 Special Reports!

I’m going to stretch the definition of “tool” a bit today and tell you about a free report giveaway organized by my friend and JV partner, Rick Cooper.

Easy Visual Content Marketing

Why and How to Create Visual Content

Rick regularly shares great articles and other information from various experts on one of his websites.  Recently he set up this special giveaway and invited 12 experts to each share a brand new free report.

I was honored to participate and have made some great connections with the other participants, even starting to plan joint venture ideas with some of them.

You can download all the reports from:  http://YourSuccessAndWealth.com/giveaway1/.

In addition to my reports (which is shown in the image above), you’ll find:

Rick Cooper’s “8 Ways to Make Money with an Information Product”

Roy Rasmussen’s “Turn Your Words into Sales”

Deidra Miller’s “Three Steps to Finding and Retaining Customers”

Marybeth Hrim’s “How to Develop Your A-Game to be the Best Version of You”

Yvonne A. Jones’s “5 Steps to Building Your Brand So You Stand Out From the Crowd”

Teresa Rippe’s “3 Tips to Select More Naturally Nutritious Foods”

Julia Neiman’s “Ten Amazing Life Lessons To Develop an Entrepreneur Mindset and Create Success in Life and Business”

Gary Loper’s “37 Keys to Better Networking Relationships: The Art of Networking”

Kimi Avary’s “3 Steps to Creating the Relationship of Your Dreams”

Christopher Nauer’s “The Unstoppable Business Owner”

Peggy Harper Lee’s “5 Steps to Improve Employee Accountability without Killing Motivation”

Eniko Nagy’s “3 Must-Have Kitchen Tools for Raw Living”

I hope you find something on this list that will help you improve your life or your business!

Again, the download details are at:http://yoursuccessandwealth.com/giveaway1/

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