Thoughtful Thursdays: Drive Innovation!

This slideshow pairs powerful, clean, simple images with one clear headline on each slide.  The message:  Get on the right side of innovation!

Many people think of innovation as being responsible for businesses closing and jobs being lost.  For example, the innovations offered by Netflix eventually put Blockbuster out of business.  The innovations of Federal Express have take a lot of business away from the United States Postal Service.

Going back much further in time, the development of computerized typesetting and desktop publishing eliminated many jobs in the traditional printing business.  The typesetters union went on strike to protest, but nothing was going to bring their jobs back once the innovation had spread through the whole industry.

Bruce Kasanoff and Michael Hinshaw suggest that you can get on the right side of innovation and use it to advance your career, rather than eliminate your job!

In this slideshow, they offer the following ways to approach innovation:

  1. Eliminate your industry’s biggest pain points
  2. Dramatically reduce complexity
  3. Find a cheaper and better solution to an existing problem
  4. Make stupid objects smart
  5. “Teach your company to talk” with new communication technologies
  6. Be more open and honest than your competitors to gain trust
  7. Make it easier for your customers to be loyal than to be disloyal

To stay in business for the long term, you must be doing something better than your competition in order for your customers to keep choosing you.  If you’re not continually innovating, then you really have nothing to offer your customers and your business is doomed to fail . . . eventually!

Are you using any of these approaches to innovating your business so you can have a truly Unique Selling PropositionLeave a comment and tell us how you applying any of these principles.

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