Thoughtful Thursday: Shiny Object Syndrome


Shiny Object Syndrome

Do you have Shiny Object Syndrome?

Do you ever struggle with “Shiny Object Syndrome?”

Or do you think you have “Entrepreneurial ADD?”

Do you think you need more discipline to stay on track?

What if I told you that chasing shiny objects is perfectly normal?

Humans are naturally attracted to things that are new and different.  Our subconscious brains are programmed to notice when something changes — so that we can check it out to make sure there is no danger.

As a species, we have survived and thrived for thousands and thousands of years precisely because we notice what’s new and different.  So it’s not likely that you’ll be able to change that built-in survival mechanism!

So what’s a business owner / entrepreneur to do?  Here are 3 ideas to help you get stuff done in spite of chasing after bright shiny new objects:

1.  Thank your subconscious brain for keeping you safe – and entertained!  Then use your conscious, rational, logical brain to help you figure out ways to stay on track with plans and projects.

2.  Chunk your projects or plans into short, bite-sized tasks that make them easy to accomplish.  This will help you keep getting positive feedback for achieving stuff on your to-do list and keep moving towards completing the overall project.

3.  Create ways to stay on track that also appeal to your subconscious brain, such as fun, appealing ideas like giving yourself a dance break or a 5-minute YouTube break when you finish a short task or putting a gold star on your list each time you finish a short task.  Be sure to reward yourself in a big way when you get the whole bigger project completed!

If you can’t totally eliminate Shiny Object Syndrome, you can use your rational brain to manage it.  You know how those tendencies work, so make use of tools like timers and accountabilities partners to keep moving forward toward your goals.

What tips or tricks have you found to manage your Entrepreneurial ADD or your Shiny Object Syndrome?  Leave a comment to share your favorite idea?

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