Thoughtful Thursday: Reinvention of Life

The video below and the series of podcasts, blog posts, and articles available on this webpage from the public radio show “On Being” are great examples to me of how the reinvention of life is beginning to take place.

We’re used to hearing about Detroit as a symbol of economic collapse, but Grace Lee Boggs, a 96-year-old Chinese-American Activist, and other community leaders in Detroit are taking the situation into their own hands and reinventing society!

“At this point in time it is not about the left or right, it is about creating something entirely new. It is about a solution-based {r}evolution … The face of this {r}evolution has no color, no name, and no form but that of a people and a world crying out to survive during a time when this is no longer an outcome that can be taken for granted.”  ~ Grace Lee Boggs

One of my mentors, Raymond Aaron, has explained that each decade in our Western culture has a theme associated with it.  For instance, the 1990s was the Information Era, the 2000s were about relationships (e.g. social media), and our current decade is about connections and recommendations.  Raymond claims that the next decade, 2020 through 2029, will be about the reinvention of life as we know it.

I learned this idea from him over a year ago, but it has been on my mind a lot recently with all the major problems we are dealing with — not just in North America but all around the globe.

I think it is pretty clear that our current Western way of life is not sustainable on a global level for many different reasons: widespread economic instability, ecological challenges, agricultural dilemmas, healthcare issues, aging populations in the West, terrorism, systemic racism and sexism, ongoing ethnic and religious conflicts, to name just a few.

Mostly these topics can be pretty depressing which is one reason that many of us, myself included, tend to avoid thinking about them.  But today I just discovered this whole series of audio and video recordings that offer hope and inspiration about how we can work to resolve some of the major challenges we face and, in so doing, we can reinvent our lives.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about these ideas.  Please leave a comment below.


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