The Downside of DIY Presentations

Sales Presentation

Sales Presentation

It is important for every presenter, speaker, and trainer to know how to create an effective presentation.  But, for a presentation that you give over and over again, Do-It-Yourself just can’t compare to getting professional help to improve your presentation.

Simon Morton of Eyeful Presentations, a UK-based presentation design firm specializing in corporate presentations, shared some great ideas about this in a recent blog post.  You can read his blog post at the link below.  Then read my comments about his post.

Read Simon Morton blog post here.

I believe there are 3 primary reasons you should hire a professional to help you optimize your sales and marketing presentations:

  1. You are too close to the material.  An outside perspective can bring fresh insights and creativity to subject matter that you’ve been working with so long it has become routine for you.
  2. Your expertise is most likely something other than presentation design.  You may be an expert about your company’s products and services or an expert in leadership and team building.  You may even be an expert at public speaking or sales.  By combining your skillset with the uniquely targeted skills of a professional presentation designer, you get the best of both worlds.
  3. The stakes are simply too high to settle for presenting anything but the very best possible presentation!  In a down economy, competition is more intense than ever and budgets are tighter.  The presentations that may have worked for you before are not bringing you the same results as they once did.  Just think of all the sales you’re leaving on the table because your old methods no longer work as well.  Investing in professional expertise can help you scoop up a larger percentage of those potential sales.

You’re going to pay the cost one way or another — either in the cost of the sales you lose or in the investment you could make to get professional help that boosts those sales for you!

Factored out over the lifetime of your presentation, which is the better choice?

For instance, if you are currently selling $5,000/month less that you were in the past with your existing presentation . . . and you plan to use the same basic presentation for another 5 years, that means $300,000 in lost sales.

If you captured even a modest 20% of those sales using an improved presentation, that would bring in an additional $60,000 in  revenue over 5 years.  Consider paying $6,000 to a presentation strategist to redesign your presentation and you’d be looking at a 10-fold ROI.

Any presentation that you are going to give more than once or twice is probably worth getting professional assistance.  Use the example above to calculate the gains you could experience from a professionally optimized presentation.

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3 Responses to “The Downside of DIY Presentations”

  1. Thanks for sharing these observations!

  2. A presentation is like a carefully chosen and developed investment. I love the idea of honing it with professional support!

  3. Excellent observations. This applies not only to advertising but to so many facets of our lives. Specialization is a key to efficient use of capital and labor.