The Biggest Video Mistake for Your Business

biggest_video_mistakeThe biggest mistake is misunderstanding the role of video in today’s online world. For years, most of us have thought about digital video as a new thing – something new and exciting for internet users but also something that required extra work for most of us as online marketers.

You might think of video as another format for your content marketing. But since it is a format that takes more effort, it is probably one that you don’t use as often as blogging or quote graphics or email.

I recently heard a fellow online marketer object to the suggestion of creating social media content in many different formats. He said he preferred to master one or two styles of content instead of always jumping from one style to another.

This view seems to epitomize this misunderstanding of the new role of video:  These days, video has become just another form of communication.

worried about videoWhile you may still think of video as complicated, expensive, or time-consuming, most younger people tend to think of video as just another way to communicate with their friends!

Would you feel a need to “master” the telephone before calling a prospect to have a chat and get to know them?

Do you feel the need to “master” writing before you send an email to your list?

Do you need to “master” picture taking before you snap a photo at a networking event and share it on Facebook?

So why do some of us still feel like we need to “master” video before we can use it to communicate our ideas?

taking a selfieYes, I understand it can take a little time to familiarize yourself with any new tool. And I understand that doing some practice sessions will increase my level of comfort before I go public with some new form of communication.

But this idea of needing to “master” something before we can use it to share our ideas and to market our business – that idea no longer serves us well, especially in an era when video is the form of communication that most people prefer today.

There are so many different ways to create video. Just pick one, do a couple of quick practice runs, and then post a video on social media!

(Share a link to your video so I can congratulate you on getting it done!)

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