What our clients have said about us

“Susan Schleef took my corporate presentation to a level that got the most tech savvy Bay Area corporations to sit up and listen. I’m a small business owner who went from feeling like I had to it all on my own to being guided in all the right directions through Susan’s expert presentation development skills. She helped me pair down from information-overload to bite size pieces that people eat up. Because attendees saw that I was professional and because they could easily follow what I was presenting, they trusted me within under an hour and I was able to close more sales than ever before in a speaking engagement.”

Sonya White, owner, Healthy Thyroid Center

Click the link below to hear the voicemail that Sonya left immediately after giving her 1-hour presentation at Google headquarters, using her newly developed materials from Presentations With Results.  You can hear from her voice how pleased she was with the results of her talk!

 Click here to Listen to Sonya’s Voicemail      



“I enjoyed so much working with Susan Joy Schleef. I threw so many ideas and fragmented points out and she could still piece them all together and come up with something better than I anticipated. She truly made me feel that my ideas are worth something and if you have been in business for a while, you should know that most Experts out there tend to beat up on you rather than make what you have work. For anyone needing a great professional who can help refine their rag-tag and all-over- the-place ideas, Susan is the person I recommend without fail. Thanks again for being there.”

Aliou Barry
Insurance & Financial Services Expert
Small Business Consultant & Coach