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Storytelling and Content Marketing: 3 Benefits of Turning Your Content Marketing into Stories

Once upon a time, an entrepreneur faced 3 challenges. … February 26 was “Tell a Fairy Tale Day” so I wanted to share some ideas about how – and WHY – to turn your content marketing into fairy tales or other classic stories. We are all familiar with “Once upon a time.”  Those words immediately […]


Whose story do they want to hear?

  Storytelling is such a hot business skill right now. published an article recently that was titled, “This Will Be the #1 Business Skill of the Next 5 Years.” Of course they have a vested interest in making that claim since the company promotes itself as “The Storytelling Platform” and claims to help the […]


Independence Day: Storytelling vs Telling Stories

I always loved the Fourth of July as a child.  I loved weaving red, white, and blue crepe-paper streamers through the spokes of my bicycle wheels and riding around the neighborhood with my sister and our friends. I loved the backyard parties my family hosted for friends to sit on our back porch and watch […]