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Tuesday Tool Time: Find Images by Color

I just heard about an unusual royalty-free photo site that lets you search for images based on color. is not fancy and doesn’t give much verbal information about how to use their site. But their FAQ page assures viewers that these photos can be used for pretty much any use – other than selling […]


Best Slides at Pitch Refinery in Chicago

I attended the Pitch Refinery event over the weekend here in Chicago.  I met some great entrepreneurs, learned some new ideas, heard a lot of speakers, and saw quite a few slides — some great, some pretty bad!  My award for the “Best Slides” at Pitch Refinery 2012 definitely goes to Amber Naslund of SideraWorks.  Take a look at the slides, then read […]


When You Can’t Find the Image You Want to Use

Sometimes when preparing a slide presentation, you may have a very specific idea in mind of what type of image you’d like to use to represent a certain concept.  But sometimes you just can’t find that image anywhere on the web, either free or paid. Here are some ways that you can deal with this situation: Pare down the image in your mind […]