Summertime and the Content Is Easy

visual content marketingAre your summers filled with fun activities that you only get to do for a few months out of every year?

If you live, as I do, in a place where the weather is drastically different between summer and winter, then you probably have plenty of fun memories you could capture in photos each summer.

And now that is so easy to do with our smart phones!  We don’t even need to think about taking a camera along when we go to the beach, meet friends for golf or softball or a hike in the woods, play in the backyard with our kids, and invite friends and family over for a cookout.

I know some of you are thinking, ‘My photos aren’t that good.’  And what about those of you who don’t feel safe posting your children’s pictures on the internet?  What about photos that include other people who haven’t given permission to share their picture online?

Hopefully you are managing who sees the pictures shared on your personal profiles for any social media platform.  But for your business accounts — or for personal accounts you use to share business information, you want friends and followers to be able to share your posts with others who don’t know you.

Here are seven tips for shooting photos that can safely be shared in your business marketing on social media.

1.  Obscure individual identities by taking pictures from behind or from the neck down.  Try a broad shot that takes in a large scene and blurs individual faces.  Hats and sunglasses can also help hide faces closer up.

2.  Take photos of the space where an event or activity is happening.  Shoot visually interesting promotional signs, decorations, statues and other landmarks.

3.  Get images of food and beverages.  Most people love to see images of great looking food!  And your verbal post can enhance the images further with mouth-watering descriptions.

4.  Shoot photos of entertainers or speakers at public events.  Usually people in those roles are happy to get every little bit of publicity.  But if you’re not sure, ask them if it’s all right to post your photo of their band or their commencement address or whatever.  They may ask you to send it to them as well and you’ll get a new social media contact.

5.  Look for visual symbols that can serve as metaphors or as illustrations of something related to your niche.   Snap a zebra at the zoo and write about how to stand out from your competitors.  Frame (or edit later) a super close-up of someone biting into a huge burger or a tongue connecting with an ice cream cone.  Use the image to launch into a discussion about finding a hungry audience who really wants what you offer online.

6.  Animals and plants rarely care about their privacy rights so click away!  As with the previous item, there are many different ways to use these photos to spark a blog post or social media post about topics related to your niche.

7.  Take selfies (or ask someone else to take your picture with your phone).  Your fans will enjoy seeing what you’re up to and you can keep the shot simple so you don’t reveal too much about your personal life.  Just pose in front of a sign or in front of natural scenery or something to symbolize where you’ve been and what you were doing.

Watch for unique visual surprises — something that will catch your eye due to bright color, contrasting colors, a striking arrangement of shapes, vivid patterns, unusual “white space” or “negative space”.  The possibilities are endless when you keep your eyes and your brain on alert.  I recommend just grabbing the images while you can and figuring out later what to do with them!

And sometimes you might just be in the right place at the right time to capture a masterpiece!

If you’re like me, you probably want to block out time to upload those photos to your computer (or wherever you store them long-term) as soon as you can so you don’t forget about them!

Are you using your own photos in your content marketing?  If so, let me know what you’ve done with them.  If not, let me know how you plan to get started.

Want more?  You can get more ideas for holiday visual content by downloading my free report, Content Marketing Strategy:  Using Holiday Marketing.

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