Social Videos to Make People Feel Good

Most people are on Facebook and other social media sites to socialize, to be entertained, and maybe to take a quick break from their job.

We’re often told as marketers that we should think of Facebook as a party and act accordingly.  We go to parties to socialize, converse, have fun, and meet new people.  We don’t just talk about our business offers the whole time!

The 80/20 rule for social media states that 80% of our posts should be fun, entertaining, or inspirational, while only 20% should be business-related or promotional.

If most of your posts are not going to be related to your business, then what should you post?  And how can those posts help you engage with your friends and followers?

3 Ideas for Feel-Good Video Posts

Questions and Fill-in-the-Blanks are popular ways to get conversation going.  But can you use video to generate those conversations?  Of course!  Try either a short Facebook Live video focused on audience engagement or a very short, animated video that posts a question.  You’ll find my example here on my personal Facebook profile.

Inspirational or Motivational Quotes are always a favorite on Facebook.  A few years ago, most people switched from sharing quotes in text form to displaying quotes on a visual background.  Now formats are changing again as innovative marketers explore how to share quotes as short, animated videos like this one I shared on my Facebook page last Valentines Day:

Uplifting Message or Story Videos can be a great way to make people feel good on Facebook.  I love this approach because it reminds me of a maxim I learned years ago in a management training:  Strive to always leave another person feeling good about themselves after their interaction with you.

There is plenty of room for creativity in all 3 of these Feel-Good video post ideas.  But I find the 3rd type the most fun to create, even though it takes a little longer.  Search for an uplifting message or story that is already getting lots of shares and comments.  Then create your own, modified version that will likely have a similar response and add your own choice of inspiring images.

Here’s an example of one from my Facebook page:


Are You Ready to Learn More?

I invite you to learn more about some of the free and low-cost tools that I use to create original short videos by attending one of the free webinars I’m offering in next few weeks.  Just click on the link below to view my event schedule and click on the one for which you want to register.  If the timing is not good for you to attend live, you will receive an email after the webinar that will point you to the recording.

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  1. Hey, Susan. These are great ideas for videos, whether you are a neophyte or expert at using them. My personal fave is actually the motivational quote. Thanks!