Show Them Clear Proof

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Show the evidence

Show your audience clear proof of the advantages they’ll get from working with you compared to your competitors.

The old brain likes to make easy decisions!

Remember I told you how it tries to conserve brain resources by making decisions by itself whenever possible.  It avoids getting the new brain involved because the new brain processes input so much more slowly than the old brain.

There are things you can do to make the old brain’s decision-making process faster and easier.  One of the most important is to show very clear and concrete proof that whatever you’re promoting actually works.  Better yet, show how much better it works than your competitors’ products or services.

Be as concrete and specific as you can about the comparison and make it very clear why your audience should choose you over your competitors.

Stories and anecdotes are always an entertaining way to demonstrate the gains your current clients have received from working with you.  But stories can be a little abstract.

In addition to verbal stories, include powerful visual images on your slides that show the comparisons in a very concrete and visual way.  Your audience’s old brain will see the message much more clearly than just listening to you talk about it.

You could show a simple graph that indicates how much weight your average client has lost or all your clients together.  Or show how your coaching has helped your clients reduce expenses or cut down wait times on their help desk or however it is that you help them improve.

And don’t just spout platitudes about how great your product or service is and claim that you’re the best in your field.  That comes across as marketing hype and your audience is rightly suspicious.

But if you can show them concrete and visible evidence of the results you help your clients achieve, you’ll make their decision so much easier.

The idea here is to do most of the work for your audience so they don’t have to think about your claims and your comparisons and your call-to-action.

If you make it clear enough, they will see no other viable option than to choose you!  Make the decision a “no brainer”!

What kind of evidence can you show your prospects about why they should choose you over the competition?  Do you present your evidence in a clear and specific manner?

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