Power of Slideshow Videos

Here is the free demo video you requested.  You will learn:

  • How to design simple slides with a goal or affirmation and an inspiring picture filling the slide
  • Tricks for formatting slides to make the text easy to read on top of the picture
  • How to add animated transitions that make a slideshow look more like a movie
  • The steps for adding a music track to play across all the slides
  • How to loop the slideshow so it continues playing until you stop it
  • And how to export your slides to MP4 video format

The above recording is from a 2012 demo webinar where I sold a 3-hour virtual workshop.  Some of the information is still very useful, but some of it is out of date because of changes Microsoft made to their image site and because some of the steps have changed in the newer versions of PowerPoint — versions 2013 and 2016.

I am going to update this training in February 2016 to include demo videos and written steps for newer versions of PowerPoint.  I will also include several different case studies for slideshow videos. A personal slideshow is just one example of how to use these techniques. I’ll show other ways to use the same techniques to create content to share with clients and prospects.

If you are interested in getting this updated PowerPoint training, you can purchase it now for 60% off the price that the training will sell for after the update is finished.  See details below for what will be included in this training package.



The Power of Slideshow Videos

15 videos, plus written instructions, covering:

  • How to import text into slides
  • Formatting tips for slide text
  • Inserting and formatting pictures
  • Setting up a self-running slideshow
  • Adding easy animations and transitions
  • Adding a music track to play across all slides
  • Looping the slideshow and music to repeat
  • Recording voice narration in PowerPoint
  • Exporting slides to video in MP4 format

Case Study 1:  Using a slideshow to activate and reinforce your goals or affirmations

Case Study 2:  Creating a video from articles, blog posts, or other written content

Case Study 3:  Creating a series of very short daily or weekly tip videos

Case Study 4:  Creating a slide video that tells a story (your story or a client story?)

Case Study 5:  Creating a video to engage your community in discussion comments

Sign Up today at the Early Bird price of just $27.  That’s 60% off the $67 price you’ll pay when the course is finished!



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