On the 4th Day of Christmas

On the 4th day of Christmas my true love shared with me 4 articles … 3 slideshows, 2 Kindle books, and a new cover for my Facebook page.


Repurposing Article Content

Article writing has long been touted as one of the most effective ways to establish your authority online, as well as theoretically driving traffic to your website.  Whether or not articles are still effective in today’s SEO climate is a question beyond the scope of this blog post.

What I’d like to address instead is whether article writing is a good fit for a content marketing strategy focused on creative content that engages your audience.

Articles are one of the few types of internet content that, on most article sites, does not allow for the inclusion of any graphic images.  Since visual images are one of the most important elements for engaging content, this is a big strike against article marketing.

However, I believe that articles are still worthwhile, despite their lack of visual content.  Here’s why:

  1. Articles offer a terrific opportunity to summarize and organize your ideas about your business-related topics of interest to your prospects and clients.
  2. Once you have summarized and organized those ideas, your written articles become a great source of clear messaging for your products or services.
  3. Now you can take those clear verbal messages and easily repurpose them into other content forms.

You can take an article and record yourself reading it to create a podcast.  Add related visual images to the audio track and create a video, using whatever video editing software you already use or with a free web-based video editor.

You can also turn your article into a special report, with added visual images.  Or take several related articles and turn them into an e-book.  Whether you create an e-book in Kindle format or just in a PDF, be sure to add lots of visual images to keep your audience engaged and to help them really understand your message.

With a little more work, you can select the main points of an article and put one idea on each slide, along with large bold images, to create a web-based slideshow to post on Slideshare.net, AuthorStream.com, or other slide sharing sites.

Here is an example from my repertoire:

ARTICLE:  http://ezinearticles.com/?The-Power-of-Visual-Content-in-Your-Content-Marketing-Strategy&id=8119828

FREE REPORT:  http://presentationswithresults.com/visual-content-marketing-tips/

VIDEO:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4gurwCoO9c

One last idea I’ll mention is turning an article, or several articles, into a webinar or hangout.  But this content format should be created in a way that is much more focused on audience interaction and participation.  To create a great webinar that your audience will enjoy and learn from, you can’t just take your article and read it to your audience — or, worse yet, put the article text on slides and then read the slides to your webinar audience!

What I would recommend instead is using a slideshow that you created for posting on the web, with minimal text on the slides, and then using your article text as a guide for your verbal narration during a live webinar.

I recommend this approach for a Google+ Hangout too.  Don’t just show your webcam and talk your audience to death!  Put those highly visual slides on the screen while you talk to your audience about your clearly summarized message.

There is well-documented research about how visual images make your verbal message much more memorable and more emotionally engaging.  And we all know that “facts tell and emotions sell.”

What’s your favorite way of repurposing article content?  Do you add visual images to your repurposed articles?

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