On the 11th Day of Christmas

quote graphic memes

People love to share images & quotes!

On the 11th day of Christmas my true love shared with me 11 quote graphics  …  10 optin pages, 9 webinars, 8 autoresponders, 7 free reports, 6 videos, 5 infographics, 4 articles, 3 slideshows, 2 Kindle books, and a new cover for my Facebook page.

Quote graphics … graphic quotes … memes … People use many different terms to refer to these social media favorites!  Images are by far the most popular type of content to share on Facebook, as well as other sites.  And the addition of an inspiring or humorous quote gives readers yet another reason to share.

Entrepreneurs, professionals, and small business owners are especially avid posters of quotes in their social media marketing because they are a way to tie in some connection to business concepts, without asking social media users to read a long article or blog post.

All those marketers also appreciate the ease of sharing a good quote graphic they receive from friends, followers, and other connections.  This sharing can be a way to start and grow relationships through social media, since everyone appreciates having their content shared by others.

A Few Simple Formatting Guidelines:

  • Use shorter quotes, preferably not much more than 140 characters.
  • Keep your font size large enough to read easily at a glance.  30 points or larger is a good general rule.
  • Use simple, clean-lined fonts for easy reading.
  • Make sure the text color has sufficient contrast against the background.
  • Check the licensing for any images you add to your quotes.

Putting the Quotes and Graphics Together

There are, of course, many ways to create your quote graphic mini-masterpieces.  Here are some common ones:

Photoshop:  Many people use this software (or free alternatives like Gimp) to do a lot of their graphics-related work, including assembly of quote graphics.  But Photoshop and Gimp are not easy to use for most people.

Online Graphic Tools:  There are many, many web-based graphic tools that can be used to quickly upload an image and insert the text.  Most are fairly easy to learn and many of them offer free accounts.  Pixlr, Picasa, iPiccy, and PicMonkey are just a few popular examples.

PowerPoint:  A lot of people don’t realize that PowerPoint is actually a pretty powerful graphics editor – for certain tasks and creating quote graphics is one task that PowerPoint can handle very nicely.  If you’d like to download my written instructions (with screenshots) for this process, just click on this link.

What’s your favorite method of creating “quote graphics” or memes?  Or do you prefer to just share what appears in your news feed?

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