National Photograph Month – How will you celebrate?

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If you’re part of my online community, you probably already know that I like to use holidays in my content marketing.

Some of my favorite sources for this information include and  I even publish a free, holiday marketing calendar each month.  (Click here to get yours)

The month of May offers us a fantastic holiday to celebrate as visual content marketers:  National Photograph Month!

Most of us carry a camera around with us all the time in the form of our mobile phones.  Do you look for opportunities to take photos that you can use in your visual content marketing?

I want to talk about 3 ideas that will help you with this:

  1.  Keep this idea top of mind so that you are always on the look-out for potential photographs that could represent subject matter related to your business message or pictures that could be used as visual metaphors or even just for inspirational or fun ways to engage with your clients and fans on social media.  It doesn’t have to ALL be about business!
  2. Find a couple of apps that you’re comfortable using on your phone so that you can quickly and easily add text over your photos and then post them directly to multiple social media platforms.  Most apps will also let you email those photos (with the overlaid typography) to yourself so that you can save these modified images to your computer for future use — in PowerPoint presentations, videos, e-books, and other future forms of content marketing.
  3. Figure out an easy way to transfer potential business photos off your phone and onto your computer or onto a “cloud-based” drive, such as Dropbox, iDrive, Windows One Drive, or something similar that is easy to access from your phone.  Developing an easy routine for this will make it much more likely for you to save your photos on a regular basis.  You may even want to schedule a monthly or weekly task on your calendar to make sure it gets done!

That last step is important for a couple of reasons:  First, you want to be able to organize those photos on your computer for easy access to create future content marketing materials.  Secondly, you don’t want to end up with hundreds of photos you need to transfer before you can upgrade the software on your phone!  (I learned this the hard way!)

image of seedling - Growing creative ideas

Software Tools for Using Photos

I have quite a few apps on my iPhone, but really I only use a couple of them with any consistency.  Part of my difficulty is that the on-screen buttons and text labels on most apps are so difficult to read on the small phone screen.  Yet I’m not interested in buying a larger phone that will be harder to tuck into my purse or my pocket.  Instead I still prefer to do most of my visual content creation on my desktop computer.  If that makes me old-fashioned — so be it!

Typorama is one of the apps I enjoy using on my phone.  I find it pretty intuitive and easy to use.  Plus I like the fact that I can use it with my own photos or search for free, public domain photos on one of my favorite sites –  The image above on the right is one I created recently with Typorama.

photo collage created with Pexels Add-In for PowerPointOn my computer, I often create my quote graphics and other photo-based sharing content using PowerPoint.  I have a square template I created and saved (7.5″ square) that is a good size for posting to the Facebook newsfeed.  I simply add a photo and overlay with text for a quote or tip.  It’s fast and easy!

I recently discovered an “add-in” for PowerPoint that makes this process even easier and it comes from another of my favorite photo sharing sites:  

Pexels is another public domain image site.  Their license for photo usage clearly states that all images on their site have a Creative Commons CC0 license, which means that they can be used free of charge, without attribution, and can be modified and used for pretty much any purpose.  The only restriction is, if there are identifiable people in the image, it cannot be used in a way that shows those people in a bad light — unless you get their written permission.

The Pexels website hosts some beautiful photos and I encourage you to check them out!  The Pexels Add-In for PowerPoint is one of the “apps” I will be demonstrating in my next episode of Creative Marketing TV on May 21, 2016.  I will also demonstrate using the Typorama iPhone app.

National Photograph Month Hangout Announcement


You can register for this free hangout at the Google+ Event page at  Look for the question “Are you going?” and just answer Yes or Maybe.  Then Google+ will send you a reminder.  Or you can watch the recording whenever you want.

Please go ahead and leave a comment for me on the G+ Event page or below this blog post.  Let me know what questions you have about using photo apps or share which apps you like to use and what you do with them.  I’ll do my best to incorporate your questions or comments into the show.





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