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Motion Content Club

Free Trial for August 2017

film-596518_1920If you’ve been struggling with how to get started creating original videos for your business, Motion Content Club is perfect for you!

If you already know how to create video but would like to learn new ways to create more videos faster, then you’ll enjoy Motion Content Club too.

Video MUST be part of your content creation strategy now since internet users simply expect to have a choice of watching video content.  And more often than not, they will choose to watch video instead of reading.

But it’s also easier than ever to create original videos, with all the new video apps and tools that are being developed all the time — many of which are free or very low cost!

Motion Content Club will provide you with:

  • 1-hour training webinar on a new video app or software tool each month.  You can attend the webinars live and ask questions and you’ll have access to recordings as well.
  • A 2nd monthly webinar that will be for Q&A plus Show-and-Tell session, where members can show the videos they have created with that month’s tool and get feedback from me and from other group members.  During that webinar, I’ll also answer questions that may have come up for you as you start playing with the app introduced on the previous webinar.
  • Secret Facebook group where you can post questions, interact with other members, share videos you’re creating and request feedback from others.
  • Weekly opportunities for group members to share each other’s video content on various social media platforms.  This is a huge benefit that can grow your reach on social media!
  • Monthly video creation contest where everyone who creates and posts a video using that month’s training app will be eligible to win a prize.
  • Sign up for your free trial by August 9th and attend both of the August webinars and get free access to the Facebook group through the end of August.

Aug. 10th from 8pm to 9:30pm Eastern – Training on Adobe Spark (free app)

Aug. 24th from 8pm to 9:00pm Eastern – Show-and-Tell/Q&A session

Here’s a sample of a post made with Adobe Spark.  I’ll be showing you a lot of different ways you can create content with Adobe Spark.

Adobe Spark is free (for now) so go ahead and sign up to download all 3 apps to your smart phone.  You can also use some of the features on the web at

Then sign up for your 1-month free trial membership of Motion Content Club by clicking the button below.

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