Learn More About Our Presentation Services

Presentations With Results offers a variety of services to a wide range of businesses and other organizations.

Presentation Development

We help you focus your presentation on the needs of your clients and work with you to create an engaging story theme.  Then we either teach you and your staff to design the slides with our method or you can outsource that process to us and free up more time for what you do best!

Additional services may include preparing audience handouts, coaching the person who will deliver the presentation, producing a web-based recording and converting it into multiple formats for future use.

To learn more about our presentation methodology, watch the short sample presentation on this page.  Be sure to turn up your speakers so you can hear the voiceover which explains our approach.

Marketing Video Creation

We provide guidance and done-for-you services in scripting and shooting simple videos, editing video files as needed, and producing the videos for YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media platforms or to be viewed on your website.

We work with:

  • slideshow videos using PowerPoint
  • screen capture videos for online demos
  • “on camera” recording with affordable equipment such as a Flip Cam or an iPhone
  • and some specialty videos such as cartoon animation and “doodle” style

We can also combine these different types of video clips into one finished video with voicce narration and/or music.

We can help you and your staff develop routines and procedures for capturing simple videos on a regular basis, including video testimonials from your clients, to produce new content for your ongoing marketing efforts.

Training Development

We help you with training for your customers or for your staff and we can provide any of the following services based on your needs.

  • clarify goals for training
  • determine the best format
  • develop the lessons and training materials
  • create self-study or e-learning materials
  • design assessments and exercises
  • may include delivery of classroom training
  • produce an instructor’s guide
  • train-the-trainer coaching
  • post-training follow-up
  • develop written procedures

To inquire about our services, please call (312) 646-0546 or email us at Success@PresentationsWithResults.com.  You can also use the Contact form on this website.