How to Format Your Web Presentations

Slideshare Sample

Slideshare Sample

Web-based slideshows are part of many online marketers’ portfolio, especially since most people are now focused on content marketing strategies.  There are several slide sharing sites on the internet that encourage this trend, but the most popular is

Unfortunately, many of the presentations posted on are not effective in this venue.  Many speakers take the slides from their live presentations and upload them directly to Slideshare without any modification.  When viewers read these slides online, they are missing all the verbal narration that was included during the live presentation or during a prerecorded webinar. 

On top of that, most of those slides are poorly designed to begin with, using the traditional practices of a short, vague slide title and multiple bullet points on each slide.  Even when the slides are full of bullet point text, those bullet points are hard to comprehend because of the common practice of deleting “unnecessary” words to shorten the bullet points.

Clicking through the slides online and reading all the bullet point text, the reader ends up guessing at the author’s intended meaning for many of the bullet points.  Often they will simply give up on trying to get any valuable insight from these slides and may stop clicking through before they reach the end.

Slides that will be viewed on the web without spoken narration need to be designed differently than slides intended for a live presentation or webinar!  All the important information in the presentation must be expressed through the text and graphics on the slides themselves.

Yet most web users are not interested in reading large amounts of text, like a white paper or an e-book, spread across the slides.  They may download e-books and white papers, but these are formatted as text documents, not as slides.

Remember: A slideshow is NOT a text document!  You cannot take one element of a live presentation and simply hand it out “as is”.  If you think your slides can stand on their own, then why were you even there for the live presentation?

In order to help your audience actually get your message, you need to format your content to support your viewers in their current situation when they are reading your slideshow.

  • Make the verbal message clear and concrete.
  • Reduce the amount of text by limiting your message to just a few key points.
  • And still include plenty of engaging visual elements that will keep your audience interested in clicking through to the end of your slides.

Are you currently posting slides on  What kind of response are you getting?  I’d love to hear your experiences!

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