Holiday Marketing and the Power of Giving

gratitudeIn the United States, just a few weeks ago we celebrated Thanksgiving Day.  I love that holiday, partly because of the foods that I enjoy, but mainly because it is one time of year when everyone talks about gratitude.

All over Facebook, people were sharing quotes and memes about counting your blessings and giving thanks.  Two of my favorites are:

It’s not happy people who are thankful, but thankful people who are happy.

Gratitude is not about having what you want but wanting what you have.

It’s also great time for small business owners to show their appreciation for their clients and customers.

Of course, we always see lots of special offers at greatly discounted prices.  While it’s nice to get a discount on something you wanted to purchase anyway, it has always struck me as kind of a back-handed thank you.

The underlying message is “I appreciate you so much for purchasing in the past that I’m going to entice you to purchase more from me.”  Or “I’m so grateful for you being my customer that I’m giving you another opportunity to buy from me again.”

There’s nothing wrong with offering special sales during the holiday season. But why not also give your clients or list subscribers or joint venture partners something completely free – just to really thank them?

I did this on the evening before Thanksgiving when I reached out via Facebook messages, quite spontaneously, to many of my clients and partners and even some of my mentors and teachers who I just wanted to thank for what I’ve learned from them. I offered them a free holiday cover video to upload to their Facebook pages.

I had so much fun giving away the videos I had worked hard to create. I loved seeing the surprised and pleased reply messages. I loved seeing the videos uploaded to their Facebook pages.

I’ll be honest: I also loved getting tagged on their appreciative Facebook comments. But my heart was already feeling full before that, just from the act of giving away something that made a lot of people happy!

The season of giving continues through December. What can you give to your clients, subscribers, joint venture partners, and others during the holidays? What can you give just for the sake of making people happy?

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