You can download your 20 free Halloween photos and illustrations by clicking on  the pumpkin image below.


To get 30 more free photos with subjects of autumn leaves, Thanksgiving, pumpkins, owls, full moons, and more, follow the instructions below:

  1. Send a friend request to Susan Joy Schleef (if we’re not already friends on Facebook).
  2. Create some kind of graphic to share on social media.  Use one of the free downloads and add some text to customize it.  (You can use PowerPoint or Canva or any tool you like.)
  3. Upload your created image to my Facebook page by Sunday, November 1st:  https://www.Facebook.com/PowerPointQueenRules
  4. Like my page (if you haven’t done so before) and leave a comment under your picture.
  5. Share your picture from my page.


Once you’ve done those 5 steps, I will send you access to the 30 additional free images.  Let the creativity begin!

Click on the jack-o-lantern to download your first bundle:jack-o-lantern-312378_1280

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