Help Your Prospects Make a Good Decision

In my last 2 posts, I talked about different aspects of decision-making and what your prospects and/or audience really want from you.  Jill Konrath has covered another important and related point in her video below.

I love Jill’s direct, simple advice:  Stop focusing on selling your own products or services and instead offer your prospects the help they need in HOW to make the best decision for their organization.

If you offer helpful, trustable guidance, your prospects will be more interested in working with you.  But if they can tell that you’re just doing it to get the sale, they will intuitively feel that you are less trustable.

Remember what I said about Sheena Iyengar’s research:  The information age is over; people are looking for trustable recommendations about how to make the best decisions to solve their needs.

On Monday I wrote about setting a specific goal for your presentations and I described an example where closing the sale may not be your best goal.  Instead you could focus on helping your prospects define their decision-making process.

This may ultimately lead them to choose you — or it may not, if you are not really the best choice for their organization.  Do you really want to convince the prospect to buy your product or service or do you want them to choose what is best for them?  Would you really want to sell them something that is not the best solution for them?

My sales coach, Eric Lofholm, says:

Selling is service.  Sell from honesty, integrity, and compassion.  Selling is about leading.  Selling is about moving people to action.

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What do you think about helping your clients make a decision?  Should you make sure they decide to hire you?  Or is it a good business strategy to help them with their decision-making, even if they choose someone else?  I’d love to read your thoughts about this so please leave a comment.  Thanks!

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