Good Quotes, Good Slides

Here’s an easy but effective way to create a visually pleasing slideshow:

Big Fish Presentations has created a great example of using a slideshow for content marketing.  The quotes all relate to a theme associated with their business and they have done a good job on the slide design.

What I like about this slideshow:

  1. Quotes are fairly short; not too much text on each slide
  2. Fonts are quite readable but still interesting
  3. Large pictures that relate to the message of each slide
  4. Not too many slides in the whole deck
  5. All the quotes are closely related to a specific theme

How can you use this approach for your business?

This type of slideshow is very easy to put together yourself or to hand it off to an assistant.  And it can be created very quickly when you need a little something to post but don’t have a lot of time for writing about new ideas.
You probably already have a list of quotes.  Maybe you use them in presentations or webinars.  Maybe you post them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
If you don’t already have a list of quotes, there are plenty of sites for finding good quotes related to your business.  (If you want to import your quotes from a Word document into PowerPoint, see my instructions here.)
  1. Select 10 – 30 quotes. It would be best to choose a narrow, focused theme related to your business or perhaps a holiday. (see holiday example)
  2. Try to keep most of them under 25 words or so.  A few of them might be longer.
  3. Use at least a 32 point font, preferably even larger.  You can put the author’s name in a smaller font.
  4. Find a related picture.  (If you need some good sources for royalty-free images, just click the link.)
  5. Let the picture fill most of the slide.  Place the quote on top of the picture.  Be sure to use a text color that contrasts against the photo background.
  6. If necessary, you can add a background color to the text box and then make it partly transparent so the picture still shows through but the words are easy to read.
  7. Post your completed slides on and other free slide hosting sites.
I look forward to seeing what you can create!  Be sure to let me know when you’ve posted your slideshow so that I can share it with my readers.

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