Friday Fun with PowerPoint

Since I referenced Don McMillan’s videos in my slideshow that I wrote about in yesterday’s blog post, I thought I’d go ahead and share 2 versions of his video with you today.  They really are pretty funny, in a wild and crazy sort of way.

The 1st version is older and shorter. See my comments below. There is also a newer and longer version with some added sections that made me laugh so hard!

Original version:

Newer, longer version:


I love the part about the moving lines of text, where text lines are flying in, shifting back and forth, and spinning around — all under the premise of showing people what NOT to do in PowerPoint!

I also really enjoyed his jokes about fonts and what the different font choices indicate about the personality of the person using them.

And there is a great section about drawing conclusions from statistics and charts — with some ridiculous conclusions like “PowerPoint caused the housing meltdown!”

Tell which part you like the best?

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