Friday Fun: PowerPoint Rap Video

Here’s a clever little video from YouTube that raps about the all-too-common problem of “Death by PowerPoint”.

Tell me about some of the bad, boring PowerPoint presentations that you’ve seen recently. What is the most annoying thing to you?

The most commonly reported complaint from presentation audiences is having the presenter read their slides. But there are certainly many other “worst practices” that are committed every day.

It is estimated that about 30 million business presentations delivered every day around the world. The average slide contains 40 words! That’s how many words are in this particular paragraph. Can you imagine them all on one slide on screen?

I’m gathering anecdotes for a short video I’ll be creating. Please leave a comment about your worst PowerPoint experiences as an audience member.

If you’d like to be recorded talking about those experiences, let me know and I’ll reply to your comment so we can schedule a time to connect on Skype or on GoToMeeting to record you. Thanks!

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