Friday Fun: 17 Ways to Eliminate Bullet Points

I’m taking a little break today from my neuromarketing theme to share a new slideshow with you that gives you 17 creative ways to design your presentation slides without any bullet points.

The reasons for wanting to eliminate bullet points in your presentations relate back to the neuromarketing concepts I’ve been sharing with you this month.
It is really not possible for your audience to listen to you speak and to read your slides at the same time!
And you definitely don’t want to read the bullet points to them!  That is the number one complaint that people have when surveyed about problems with PowerPoint presentations.
In addition to the processing bottleneck caused by trying to read and listen, you will recall that the old brain really doesn’t pay attention to words.
Instead the old brain prefers visual images, stories, emotion, and novelty.
The old brain also pays attention to changes.  So one of the presentation rules I recommend at the end of this slideshow is “One idea per slide”.
Not only does this give the audience less text to read on each slide, but it also means you will be changing slides more frequently.  And that keeps your audience’s old brain more alert and engaged in your presentation.
Of course, there is much more to creating and delivering a great, memorable presentation than just slide design.
But changing your slides is an easy place to start and something that you can do easily on your own.
When you’re ready to really delve into restructuring your presentation content, then you will definitely need some help — and you know where to find me!
Let me know what you think of the slideshow.  I’d love to see your comments.

2 Responses to “Friday Fun: 17 Ways to Eliminate Bullet Points”

  1. Great ideas. I can’t stand slides that are all words. I feel like I have to write everything down and I miss the deeper message. This is right on time because I’m considering a webinar that I want to develop.

    Thanks for the great ideas.