Finding Free Pictures for Blog Posts

free pictures for blog postsI am always trying different software tools for finding free pictures for blog posts — because I know so many people need help with this!

Most people see 3 choices:

  1. You might search on Google and just grab any picture from any website and run the risk of getting sued for copyright violation.
  2. You could search for free digital photos on different sites, which can be time consuming.
  3. Or you can pay for your images, which can definitely get expensive.

Well, I have another solution for you:  Image Suite

This WordPress plugin connects directly to six different digital image sites and search based on the keyword or phrase you enter.  It searches for Creative Commons licenses and only returns images that are in the public domain (CC0) and therefore require no attribution.

graphic design

Free Graphic Image

Image Suite also enables you to edit the image before inserting it into your blog post.  Editing functions include adding text, filters and other effects, as well as stickers, shapes, borders, and other overlays.

The editing features were not very intuitive for me, but once I got used to them, I like this plugin a lot.  Image Suite saves me time in 2 ways:

First it speeds up my search for blog post illustrations by searching against multiple sites all at once.

But the big time saver for me is being able to add text and other overlays directly inside of WordPress instead of downloading the picture, opening it in an image editing software, saving the finished work, and then importing that into my blog.

I encourage you to take a look at Image Suite.  It offers quite a lot of power for a very low price.  And the owner offers good support, too.

The one area where they could use some improvement is in the training videos.  So if you decide to purchase Image Suite through my affiliate link, I will provide you with some additional training.

Click here to check out Image Suite plugin for WordPress.

My Demo of Image Suite

You can also view a demonstration of Image Suite that I recorded on the March 12, 2016, episode of Creative Marketing TV.  Click below to watch the 2nd half of that hangout recording.



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