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Coffee, PPTea & Me  –  a weekly FB Live series

Most Wednesdays at 1pm Eastern Time

on Facebook.com/PowerPointQueenRules

In this weekly livecast, I talk about ideas, concepts, challenges, and inspirations related to PowerPoint and how it can be used to create valuable content marketing material to share on social media, on your website, and in many other forms. The livestream generally lasts about 10 minutes.  Think outside the box (or the slide) and learn how to use PowerPoint as the graphics design tool it really is!

Creative Marketing TV:

3 Secret Ways to Post Videos on Facebook

Saturday, Oct.21 from 11am to 11:30am Eastern Time on YouTube 
Click here to register and get 22 free Halloween images!
See below for description of this training

3 Secret Ways to Post Videos on Facebook

Thursday, October 19 from 7pm to 8pm Eastern Daylight Time

The volume of content in Facebook’s newsfeed can be overwhelming and many people handle it by scrolling through fairly quickly.  What does it take to catch their attention and get them to stop and look for a minute at your post?  In this free webinar, you will learn:

  • what the latest research tells us about content engagement on Facebook and on social media in general
  • 3 important factors you must include in your posts to get better engagement
  • and 3 little-known ways to share original video content on Facebook

I have been experimenting for the past year with some new techniques that take advantage of Facebook’s new push for original video content, as well as their autoplay feature.  (Hint:  It has nothing to do with Facebook Live and doesn’t require you to be on camera!)

Plus I’ve delved into some new opportunities that Facebook has provided recently that very few people are taking advantage of yet.  These can really help you stand out from the crowd with surprisingly easy but engaging videos.

I’ll share what I’ve learned and how my approach has been echoed by some of the big players on Facebook.  And I’ll show you the simple next steps you can take to apply these methods to your own social content marketing.

And since we’re fast approaching the season of multiple holidays, I’ll show you some examples of how you can use what I’m teaching to create quick and easy holiday video content … for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day … and much more!

I’m also be giving away a free video template that you can edit and customize in PowerPoint.  You can download the template right after you complete your webinar registration.  (I’ve included a holiday variation in the template as well)

Register for the webinar and you will receive the video template on the confirmation page after you register.

3 Secret Ways to Post Videos on Facebook – with Susan Joy Schleef

Thursday, October 19 from 7pm to 8pm Eastern Daylight Time

Register here and get 22 free Halloween images PLUS a free sample video template!


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