Webinars & Livestreaming Scheduled


Coffee, PPTea & Me  –  a weekly FB Live series

Most Wednesdays at 1pm Eastern Time

on Facebook.com/PowerPointQueenRules

In this weekly livecast, I talk about ideas, concepts, challenges, and inspirations related to PowerPoint and how it can be used to create valuable content marketing material to share on social media, on your website, and in many other forms. The livestream generally lasts about 10-15 minutes.  Think outside the box (or the slide) and learn how to use PowerPoint as the graphics design tool it really is!


Free Webinar:  5 Easy Ways to More Video Engagement on Facebook

Learn about some of the “secret” ways that Facebook helps you create and share videos.  Many people are not using these features, so you can stand out from the rest of the video content marketing crowd!

I’ll demonstrate 2 of these secrets on the webinar and tell you how you can learn about the others.

Click the link below to register and join us live OR catch the replay later at the same link:

Thursday, November 16th at 5pm EST

(See my new infographic about these secrets)


Creative Marketing TV:

How Does Gratitude Effect Your Business?, Saturday, Nov. 18, 11am Eastern


Creative Marketing TV Hangout:  3 Secret Ways to Post Videos on Facebook, Oct.21, 2017 

5 Easy Styles for Making Video – a series of 5 FB Live episodes

Coffee, PPTea & Me – a weekly series on FB Live


Simple Video Templates for Short, Engaging Content to Grow Your Business:

September 21 webinar recording


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