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Required/Recommended Information:

  • First & Last Name
  • Business Name
  • Paypal email address
  • Preferred email address
  • Preferred phone number
  • Mailing address
  • Facebook profile name
  • Facebook “Fan” Page name & link
  • Briefly describe your business and what products/services you provide:
  • How do you get most of your leads for new clients/customers?
  • How are you currently using content marketing for your business?
  • Inputs for Single Video
    1. Attention grabbing title, question or bold statement
    2. 1st tip or statement (about 20-30 words – or 140 characters)
    3. 2nd tip or statement (about 20-30 words – or 140 characters)
    4. 3rd tip or statement (about 20-30 words – or 140 characters)
    5. Call to Action (What would you like viewers to do after watching this video?)

    Your logo (Please send as a transparent PNG file)

    Branding color choices (hex codes or RGB codes, if you have them)

    Font preference (optional)


    Inputs for Series of 3 Videos

    Basic structure as above.  Each video should stand on its own, independent of the others.