Easy Visual Content – 3 New Ways to Make a Video

Easy Ways to Make a VideoMaybe you made a commitment or wrote down a goal to create some new visual content to promote your business or professional practice in 2016.  How’s that going for you?

I’d like to tell you about several new methods I’ve been using to create visual content — and they’re so easy that anybody can do them!

Even if you don’t have an artistic bone in your body … Even though you’re not good at the tech side of marketing … Even if you’re concerned about your marketing being too sleazy or sales-y

I think you’ll still find one of these ideas that you like.  You might even want to implement all 3 ideas!

1.  Use “other people’s videos” in an unexpected way:

You don’t have to create all the video yourself and you don’t have to upload it all to YouTube or Facebook!  One important way that many online marketers (including me) are now using video is for the background of squeeze pages or opt-in pages.  Click here for an example of one of mine.

These 2-step optin pages or squeeze pages have been tested and found to convert at a much higher rate than traditional optin forms or even optin pages.   There are a number of reasons for that higher conversion.  One of those reasons is that people love the subtle but eye-catching movement in the background.

2.  Add a 7-Second Looping Video to your Facebook Profile:

Facebook began rolling out this new feature in the fall and I don’t know whether everyone has access yet.  (You can log into the Facebook app on your mobile device to find out if you have this.)

You can now upload a 7-second video in place of your static profile picture.  Just think about how that will catch people’s eyes!  Once you set this up, you’ll need to start thinking up reasons to get your Facebook friends to go to your personal profile page to see your video!

sample from Legend app

One Way to Use the Legend app

3.  Create and share animated text videos:

These are another super-short video format created with mobile apps.  And there are a bunch of apps available to create these!

My favorite (at least for now) is Legend.  It’s great for typing in a short quote, choosing a built-in animation and a color background, then sending your finished project via email, saving as a GIF, or posting to Facebook, among other options.

Research shows that Facebook’s autoplay feature for videos uploaded directly to the news feed creates much higher engagement that static posts.  How can you use autoplay videos to stop news feed scrolling and get more engagement?

Which of these 3 easy video methods are you ready to try?  Would you like to learn more about these and other easy video tips?

I’m presenting a 1-hour free webinar on February 6th as part of my Creative Marketing TV series.  See more details and sign up here.  I’ll send you a free PDF resource sheet for this topic the week of the webinar!

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