Do You Still Need a Facebook Page?

Do you still need a Facebook Page?Have you stopped posting regularly to your Facebook business page since the 2016 algorithm changes that cut back your reach so drastically?

Or have you never bothered to create a Facebook page because some mentor or guru told you to just use a group instead?

If you said “yes” to either of those questions, you are making a big mistake! Especially for content marketers, a Facebook Page offers some very useful features.

Many business owners use their Page Likes to create custom audiences for running Facebook ads. But, even if you don’t use paid traffic, there are still plenty of reasons to use a Facebook Page, also known as a fan page or business page.

Special Video Features

If you haven’t heard by now:  Facebook loves video — especially original, short videos posted directly to Facebook! And they reward Page owners with video features that are not available when you post videos on your personal profile or in a group, including these:

  • Using Customizable Page Tabs to Organize Your Content
  • Create Playlists Inside the Video Tab
  • Designate a Featured Video


There is also a built-in feature that allows you to quickly and easily create a slideshow video right on your page, using pictures you’ve posted in the past or by uploading up to 10 pictures. They even provide 17 different music tracks that you can freely add to your slideshow video – or you can upload your own music.

Unlike your personal profile where it’s nearly impossible to find a video you posted last month, Facebook keeps all the videos and other content you post on your page. And they offer you ways to organize that content so it’s easier to find in the future.

Other Content FeaturesFacebook Like

A number of features are provided for photos, including creating a photo album, a photo carousel, and automatically arranging all your posted photos into a photo gallery on the Photos Tab.

Facebook continues to add new opportunities for displaying your content in unique, engaging ways – such as the new cover video option only available on Pages.

With the ability to customize Page Tabs, you could create specific tabs for other forms of content such as articles, courses, or feeds from Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest.

Other Benefits

Facebook_Page_Button_OptionsBeyond displaying your content marketing, you can also create paid offers that post right on your page; create and post lead optin forms.

And be sure to add the customizable button of your page. It appears near the top, just under the cover image and lets visitors click for whatever call-to-action you select from the list shown in the image on the left.

Facebook also sends you “Page Insights” weekly with various activity stats for the previous 7 days.

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2 Responses to “Do You Still Need a Facebook Page?”

  1. Fay says:

    Great article. I learned some new things–I never thought about customizing the button on my page. Plus I like the idea of putting some pictures I’ve posted in a collage and adding music to it. Thanks for the ideas!