Ready to Start Using Video for Your Business?

10 Easy Steps to Your Video Strategy

Susan Joy Schleef

Hi!  I’m Susan Joy Schleef, founder of Presentations With Results and m3Videos. 

If you heard me interviewed by Deidra Miller of MagicWing Administration, on her Ask the Experts show, I am pleased to offer you my free guide, Getting Started with Video.

This easy-to-follow guide will help you take 3 important actions steps:

  1. Define marketing goals for your business, especially goals for using video
  2. Clarify your marketing message that you want to share through videos
  3. Outline a simple plan to starting to use video in the easiest way for your circumstances

The guide will also provide you with information about how to get additional free training at my Google Hangout sessions where I help small groups of entrepreneurs, service professionals, and small business owners develop their video marketing plans and take action to implement them.

To put Message, Media, and Magic to work in your own videos, just enter your name & email address for instant access to this free, simple guide: Getting Started with Video.

I look forward to helping you move forward with your goal to grow your business with video.