Creating Easter Egg Graphics in PowerPoint

Creating Graphics in PowerPoint

PowerPoint Graphics from Shapes

Here are some quick ideas for creating graphics in PowerPoint. Many people don’t think of PowerPoint as a graphics software, but it is actually a pretty good tool for designing visual images.

As an example, you can easily create an Easter egg, using the oval shape and stretching it until the proportions look good to you.

Then use the various “fill” options for the shape you just added to the slide. You can use gradients with pre-set color combinations, fill with a texture, or even use a simple picture as a fill.

If you want, you can add a slight Shadow, as shown in the image above, using Shape Effects to set the size, direction, and color for the shadow.

Take a look at the samples I used in the new cover image for my Facebook page:

Have fun experimenting with the creative ways to use shapes and fills in PowerPoint!

Easter Eggs as Hidden Software Features

Microsoft programmers used to hide little undocumented features in MS Office applications like Word and PowerPoint.  These hidden surprises were referred to as “Easter eggs” and tech-savvy users were always on the lookout for them.

To read why you can no longer find “Easter eggs” of this type, see the explanations at these links:

You can watch short videos of the old “easter eggs” at the link below:

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