Monthly Slideshow Contest

Ends on March 31st

No Theme This Month

Enter any slideshow you want!


Why should I participate in the contest?

  • You’ll practice a new way of designing slides that will enhance all your PowerPoint presentations and webinars
  • You can use your slides to create images to share on social media
  • You can copy your slides to use as Valentine e-cards
  • Your slideshow will be promoted on my Facebook page
  • You will have a good opportunity to learn and apply
    some new PowerPoint techniques
  • You could win a prize for your slideshow
  • Plus you’ll have fun putting your slides together!

See what some of my students have said about creating slideshows:

“I should be studying or reading, but the PowerPoint Webinar
was so good, I’m dying to play around in PowerPoint!”
~ Jackie Holl

“I watched a webinar by Susan Joy Schleef on creating a power point
presentation that is engaging and interesting. I never knew it was
so fun to create one!”
~ Paula Mapes Owens

How do I get started?

Click here to register for the contest

1.  Register for the contest by clicking the link below.

2.  Create 10-12 slides and upload them to

3.  Post the link to your slideshow on my Facebook page at

4.  Then invite your friends to watch your slideshow and leave a comment on my Facebook page.

The person whose slideshow receives the most comments on the “PowerPoint Queen Rules” page
by Feb. 28th will win a prize: A Starbuck’s gift card!

For slideshow examples, go to my Facebook page: