Slaying/Taming the Content Marketing Dragon:

An Entrepreneurial Hero’s Journey

dragon head

Are you overwhelmed by trying to keep up with creating new content?  Or are you just getting by with posting enough new content, but not really getting your clients and prospects excited about your message?

This free report – in the form of a story/game – will help you understand important concepts about:

  • how to really get people’s attention with content marketing
  • why storytelling is one of the 4 pillars of great content
  • how using a classic story formula gets you more engagement
  • how to create unique content without spending too much time or money
  • how to turn your own content message into a “hero’s journey”

This game was created entirely in PowerPoint and shows you some ideas for presenting your content in unusual, creative forms that help to generate viral interest.

In addition to the game, there are information pages with links to blog posts, videos, and slideshows and special offers for free resources — all organized in a way that is fun and entertaining, as well as educational.

Just enter your name and email address below for instant access to this free game/story/report and start learning while you play today!