Coffee, Tea & Marketing

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1897 Cafe Poster

It all started with a bit of decadence to help me get through our unusually cold Midwest winter this year!

While restricting my sugar and carbs to address some health challenges, I discovered I could make a delicious cup of cocoa without any sweetener. Adding in some whey protein powder and a generous spoonful of coconut oil made it taste like a wonderfully indulgent treat.

When I mentioned this during a panel discussion I hosted on Valentine’s Day (see recording here), several viewers commented about it after the hangout. So I decided to make a short video.

Was there any marketing value in this video? Yes and no. I wasn’t selling anything (except maybe, indirectly, showcasing my video-making talents).   But I had several other goals for this video, which I’ll mention below.

My goals for this content were as follows:

  1. Let my clients, prospects, fans and followers get to know me better
  2. Share a fun video that will probably get some comments and hopefully some subscribers
  3. Show an example of seasonal or holiday marketing
  4. Have an example to use for writing/teaching about the Fuse app
  5. Have an example to use for writing/teaching about working with mobile video inside Camtasia Studio

And I’ll bet you can think of even more additional ways to connect mocha with topics like content marketing, video marketing, social media engagement, and more.

Let me know how you would tie coffee, tea, or hot cocoa to your blogging, marketing, or business message?   And while you’re at it, share your favorite winter-time hot beverage!

One Response to “Coffee, Tea & Marketing”

  1. Oh my gosh, that looks so good! At the end when you are pouring it, the cocoa just looks so thick, luscious and delicious! I actually used cocoa powder, coconut oil and protein powder together a lot (in oatmeal or in a “brownie”) but never thought to make a mocha like this.