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Thoughtful Thursday: Reinvention of Life

The video below and the series of podcasts, blog posts, and articles available on this webpage from the public radio show “On Being” are great examples to me of how the reinvention of life is beginning to take place. We’re used to hearing about Detroit as a symbol of economic collapse, but Grace Lee Boggs, a 96-year-old Chinese-American Activist, and other community […]


Thoughtful Thursdays: Drive Innovation!

This slideshow pairs powerful, clean, simple images with one clear headline on each slide.  The message:  Get on the right side of innovation! 7 Ways to Dramatically Advance Your Career from Bruce Kasanoff Many people think of innovation as being responsible for businesses closing and jobs being lost.  For example, the innovations offered by Netflix eventually […]


Thoughtful Thursday: Shiny Object Syndrome

  Do you ever struggle with “Shiny Object Syndrome?” Or do you think you have “Entrepreneurial ADD?” Do you think you need more discipline to stay on track? What if I told you that chasing shiny objects is perfectly normal? Humans are naturally attracted to things that are new and different.  Our subconscious brains are programmed to notice […]