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How the Brain Avoids Sensory Overload

Advertising Messages in Times Square The market research firm Yankelovich has estimated that city dwellers 30 years ago would have seen approximately 2,000 advertising message per day.  They estimate that today we are subjected to about 5,000 ads per day in an ever increasing variety of media. Because our society is much more mobile and […]


How the Brain Sees

Approximately half our brain resources are for vision – for seeing and interpreting what we see. When we perceive something visually, our eyes are registering and processing two different types of stimuli, using two very different types of structures: rods and cones. Rods are highly sensitive to light and detect the slightest movement in our […]


Basic Ways to Categorize the Brain

Different Ways to Categorize the Brain So far we’ve looked mainly at one way to categorize the brain: into the 3 sections of old brain, midbrain, and new brain.  There are several other well known ways of categorizing brain functioning, some of the most common being right vs left, intuitive vs analytical, and conscious, subconscious, or […]