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The Downside of DIY Presentations

It is important for every presenter, speaker, and trainer to know how to create an effective presentation.  But, for a presentation that you give over and over again, Do-It-Yourself just can’t compare to getting professional help to improve your presentation. Simon Morton of Eyeful Presentations, a UK-based presentation design firm specializing in corporate presentations, shared some […]


Show Them Clear Proof

Show your audience clear proof of the advantages they’ll get from working with you compared to your competitors. The old brain likes to make easy decisions! Remember I told you how it tries to conserve brain resources by making decisions by itself whenever possible.  It avoids getting the new brain involved because the new brain processes input […]


Help Your Prospects Make a Good Decision

In my last 2 posts, I talked about different aspects of decision-making and what your prospects and/or audience really want from you.  Jill Konrath has covered another important and related point in her video below. I love Jill’s direct, simple advice:  Stop focusing on selling your own products or services and instead offer your prospects […]