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Ready to make your first slideshow?

I was recently asked this question on Facebook:  “Do you have any experience with Keynote or Slideshark? I’m looking at both of them to learn how to do a powerpoint presentation on an ipad. I’ve never created one. What do you use? Thanks Susan.” What’s the best presentation software platform for newbies? Well, that really […]


Are you chunking your content?

In response to a question from one of my readers, here is an overview of the chunking principle and how to apply it to your content marketing. What is chunking?  That depends on whether you ask a writer or a psychologist or an adult training specialist.  It depends on whether you’re talking about a context […]


Thoughtful Thursdays: Drinking from the Firehose

When you prepare a speech, presentation, or webinar for your clients and prospects, how do you structure your information? Many presenters do not take the time to carefully create a structure for their information. No doubt about it, it does take time! A well-structured and well-crafted presentation does not get written overnight. Mark Twain said (partly in […]