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Summertime and the Content Is Easy

Are your summers filled with fun activities that you only get to do for a few months out of every year? If you live, as I do, in a place where the weather is drastically different between summer and winter, then you probably have plenty of fun memories you could capture in photos each summer. […]


Tuesday Tool Time: New Templates for Prezi

I’ve always been bothered by Prezi’s marketing focus on “zooming.”  So what if Prezi zooms?  How does that make a presentation better? I’m happy to say their new marketing video (below) does a good job of starting to bring the focus back to the message of a presentation, not just the visual tricks that make […]


Why are Metaphors so powerful?

Metaphors are one of the tools I urge my clients to use in their presentations. Here’s a very short slideshow that makes great use of an overall metaphor for the theme of the whole presentation. Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app for iPad This slideshow, created in HaikuDeck, uses a couple of really […]