Presenting “Wow”!!!

I recently attended a 3-day event in Chicago, organized by Raymond Aaron and J.T. Foxx.  I didn’t really know what to expect.  The event was called “2011 Blueprint” and, frankly, I had no idea what that really meant.

In addition to learning an amazing amount about branding, marketing, and business development, I also learned about the value of “Wow”.  One of Raymond Aaron’s tips which I really took to heart is to “Give and Wow and Give and Wow and Give and Wow” until your audience or clients are so impressed that they can hardly believe you are going to give them even more.

Of course this can result in more purchases, but it was clear that it also results in happy, abundant presenters who feel good about what they are doing, who share their knowledge generously and passionately, and who genuinely want to help their clients, customers, or audience succeed.

When you reach a certain point in your life, it seems only natural that you would begin sharing what you have learned with others.  Even those of us who may not have achieved great financial success yet still have other areas of abundance in our lives.  And the only response to abundance that makes sense is to share it!

The “2011 Blueprint” 3-day event has changed my perspective on building my business.  Of course I still want to grow the business financially.  But I am also remembering now to look for how I can share what I know, how I can help others with the skills and knowledge I have acquired over the years.

And every day now I am looking for ways that I can “Wow” my clients, my co-workers, my friends and family, even a stranger in a store or on the sidewalk.  Life is short.  For some people, it seems like constant struggle.  If I can bring a moment of joy to someone else, that’s a gift for both of us.  Wow!!!

How do you give “Wow” to the people in your life?

What Makes an Effective Presentation?

Training PresentationThe most important thing to consider is whether your presentations achieve the results you want.

If your goal is to persuade your audience to buy or invest, then your results are fairly easy to measure.  If your goal is to teach your audience, it may be a little more difficult to determine whether or not they have learned what you presented.

While different goals will require slightly different presentation approaches, there are things that all audiences have in common.  Above all, nobody wants to be bored by a dull speaker reading from slide after slide full of bullet points!

Everyone wants to avoid “death by PowerPoint”, but do you know HOW to avoid it?

Fortunately, there are better ways to organize and present your information to an audience other than bullet point lists.  Many presenters have been experimenting with different ways to enliven PowerPoint.

Some of those experiments have been successful; others are still too constrained by traditional ways of using presentation software, whether that is PowerPoint, Keynote, or some other alternative.

presentationExciting visual images can certainly make a presentation more dynamic.  But sometimes those graphics end up creating a meandering series of unrelated images that don’t really get the message across that much better than a series of bullet point slides.

When you combine great visuals with training and development concepts, then you start to create a fusion of key ideas from multiple disciplines.  Mixing and blending those ideas is part science, part art.  The results can mean a huge shift in audience response to your presentations.

It isn’t enough just to have great content to share.  You also need to share that content in a way that your audience really gets it.  In this era of short attention spans, information overload, and increasing competition, doesn’t it make sense to take advantage of every technique that can help you improve how you do that?  Isn’t it time you learned how to take your presentations beyond bullet points?

Leave a comment and let me know what you think makes a good presentation.  I look forward to exchanging ideas with you on this site.